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Programm 2018


3rd consortium of luthiers
The association "Collectif de Lutherie et Archèterie Contemporaine" brings together ten luthiers and bow makers of French art, sharing a common vision of the Art of instrumental craftsmanship. They are creative craftsmen, luthiers of the quartet making violins, violas, cellos and their bows. Each instrument is a unique work, the culmination of an aesthetic and sound research.
The 3rd Consortium of String Quartet Makers will be held at the 22nd International Academy of Music Hourtin Medoc, from 14 to 22 April 2018

Program 2017


2nd consortium of luthiers
Participation of the Epicural


The "workshop Klezmer" (Atelier Klezmer), directed by: Rémy Yulzari
The workshop "Klezmer" is for all instruments, all levels (except beginners).
Ideal for discovering or deepening the practice and knowledge of the klezmer, traditional music of the Jews of Eastern Europe.
Work of style, melody and harmony, specific modes, ornaments, listening to audio sources, learning repertoire, are offered to trainees in small groups. It is possible to bring songs in written form or audio wishing to be worked during the workshop.
Atelier Klezmer

2017 Edition

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