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Chamber Music Festival: 22th anniversary

Festival de musique 2018 Hourtin
« Chamber music is like an intimate conversation between a few people rich and delicate conversation. Some exchanged secrets, transmitted to the public in a fleeting time and precious...
Universal language, accessible to all, just be open and available at the right time ... to let go and allow entry through the magic works and yet ... I go back to letting go
Listen to disc yes, but nothing replaces the concert ... Come to the concert without fear of not being up to par. Coming with sensitivity and be carried away …»
Festival de musique classique à hourtin 2018

An intense moment, a special participation

The International Academy of Music Hourtin Médoc, in partnership with the Institute Bergonié Bordeaux, regional center of the fight against cancer, organized for several years a "musical moment" in this property. To enable us to compose a beautiful program we ask students interested to send their proposals directory with video and sound as well as a few lines extracted on their musical journey Mr. Alexander Brussilovsky: abrus@aol.com
Last updated: 09/02/2018

2018 Edition

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