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Françoise Gnéri

Françoise Gnéri

CNSMD Lyon/CRR Paris
Named in 2009 professor of viola with the CNSM of Lyon, Francoise Gnéri is a musician with the eclectic and original course, which is characterized by its engagement impassioned in the most varied projects.
Its intense activity of chambrist and its deep knowledge of the music of the XXème century are worth to him to be invited on the most important French scenes (Châtelet, Radio-France, Théâtre of the Elysées Fields, Beaubourg, etc…) and foreign (Bremen, Lisbon, Tokyo, New York…) where it occurs with artists such as Philip Hirschorn, Christoph Henkel, Roland Pidoux, Jean-Pierre Wallez, Maxim Vengerov, Bruno Pasquier, François Salque, Olivier Charlier, Marianne Piketty, Svetlin Roussev.
A privileged collaboration dregs with the pianist Denis PASCAL, with whom it recorded the sonatas of Brahms and the sonata for violin and piano in the minor of Schumann, transcribed with the viola, disc for which it collected the best critical ones.
Regularly solicited by Jean-François Zygel to take part in his lessons of music and its traditional cabaret, it shares with him this taste to create a dynamic relationship between the public and the musicians and puts its talent with the service of original demonstrations, mixing the new public ones, in strange places, a desire of division and communication.
It is since 2010, direct artistic international academy of music of Hourtin-Medoc, and Tétrakys association, in Touraine.