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Esther BRAYER Double-bass player


Double-bass player
After music studies at the Cergy Pontoise CRR (95), Esther Brayer continued his training at the CNSM in Paris and obtained a master's degree with honors of the jury. She perfected herself with great international soloists (Thomas Martin, Guiseppe Ettore, Wolfgang Guttler, Jorma Katrama ...) and is selected for the academies of the 20th century (Ensemble Intercontemporain), Attergau (with the soloists of the Vienna Philharmonic), the French Youth Orchestra ...
She has held the Republican Guard Orchestra since 2002 before joining the ONB as Solo Double Bass in 2015.
Holder of the "DE" and the "CA", she has long taught double bass at CRR Cergy and is now a professor at the Bordeaux Higher Pole.
She performs in chamber music, as a soloist, and regularly works with the most beautiful French orchestras.
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